Magic Kingdom Security Checkpoints to Move

Starting April 3, security screening procedures for many guests at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will change. In recent years, all guests have queued at the metal detectors in the entry plaza. Beginning Monday, guests who arrive at the Transportation and Ticketing Center will have their bags checked and go through metal detectors there prior to boarding the monorail or ferry. In addition, Disney World guests staying at the Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian will be screened at the resort monorail stations. Metal detectors and bag check will still be performed at the park entrance for guests who arrive via means other than these.

For illustration purposes, here is a map sketching out the changes as Disney has explained them.

Note that Disney issued no statement on guests coming via ferry from Fort Wilderness and the Wilderness Lodge. We assume for the present the resort ferries will not be included in the new screening procedures. Based on the layout for the monorail station (map below), we believe Disney will create a new secure area blocking off the resort ferry and walkway from area from the monorail station and the TTC ferry area. We’re not certain how the walkway from the Contemporary will be affected due to the fact the TTC ferry dock falls between it and the resort ferries; perhaps there will be a second, smaller checkpoint for it.

Long, inconvenient security lines in the Florida heat have been a longtime complaint of many Disney World visitors, especially at peak times. Disney’s stated purpose for the change is improving efficiency of security procedures and the experience for guests. It remains to be seen how convenient having the entire monorail loop be a secure area will be for guests used to hopping onto and off the monorail with little fuss or inconvenience.

We’ll let you know more when we do.

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