Star Wars: The Resort coming to Walt Disney World?

Who wouldn’t like to live on a starship in the Star Wars universe, if only for a few days? WDW News Today had previously reported a survey and some concept art from Disney that indicated fantasy could become a reality. Now, new buzz from Jim Hill on the Disney Dish podcast indicates it looks like the hotel “is a go.”

The short version:

  1. The hotel will be adjacent to Hollywood Studios placed on the recently-reclaimed wetlands near the present World Drive entrance. Rumor mongers may recall speculation the World Drive HS entrance would be closed. Presumably, South Studio Drive will now be exclusive for Star Wars hotel traffic.
  2. Think a small (for WDW), boutique-ish hotel. Phase one will be a 400 room resort. Phases two and three will be 300 rooms each, based on demand (recall that some estimates were for the 2 day all-inclusive experience to run as much as $1000 per person!).
  3. The full immersive experience will be similar to live-action role playing. You can receive an itinerary to meet various characters at differing locations within Star Wars Land. You will be able to choose between Dark Side and Light Side. Your actions will produce different reactions from characters and attractions, so don’t crash the Millenium Falcon.
  4. Future expansion of Star Wars Land will be constrained by the hotel taking up much of the free space south of the Studios.

Concept art originally floated with the survey in April:

What do you think? Would you be willing to shell out a grand per person for the ultimate Star Wars immersive adventure?

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